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Best Gynaecologist in Lucknow

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Sanjivini Hospital’s Best Gynaecologist in Lucknow

The Department of Gynaecology at Sanjivini Hospital & Research Centre has the best gynaecologist in Lucknow.

We provide you a great professional assist in every step.

The department has a well-known staff of well-experienced and skilled doctors, surgeons, physicians, and technicians to deliver the finest treatment and service to the patients.

Patients with gynaecological disorders receive world-class treatment and receive long-term healing solutions from us.

Only our team of physicians’ passion can produce remarkable outcomes.

At Sanjivini Hospital, we aim to provide the finest service possible to ensure a speedy and successful recovery and to enhance women’s health outcomes.

The Department features modern facilities for painless labour with continuous electronic fetal monitoring for ladies in need. We’re here to provide you with the best care possible at every stage of your life so you may live a happy and healthy life.

We assure the most beneficial treatment to our patients with proper care. We have the best gynaecologist in Lucknow.

Best Gynecologist in Lucknow

In a nation like India, where the culture demands caution, women do not attend gynecologist on a regular basis for a standard health check-up. Many people are hesitant to see a gynaecologist. In truth, most women, especially those living outside of cities, do not prioritize reproductive health. 

As a result, females face a variety of health hazards throughout their lives. Female reproductive health requires special care, hence there is a pressing need to address this in society.

Who are Gynaecologist?

A gynaecologist is a doctor who specialises in women’s health, particularly issues concerning the female reproductive system. 

They deal with a wide range of issues, not simply pregnancy. 

They deal with a variety of additional health issues, including menstruation, hormone imbalances, fertility, sexually transmitted illnesses, and so on.

Why it is important to visit a Gynaecologist?

It is essential to see a gynaecologist at least once a year, beginning in your teens and continuing during your life, to maintain the reproductive system’s wellness.

Menstruation, fertility, and pregnancy are all related to menstruation are the topics to be discussed with a gynaecologist. Menstruation fluctuates throughout a woman’s life, based on her overall health and different stages, especially pregnancy.

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), fibroids, breast diseases, and abnormalities of the female reproductive tract should all be discussed with a gynaecologist. 

Once a woman is sexually mature, she should talk to her gynaecologist about reproductive health, contraception, sterilization, and other reproductive concerns.

Why pregnant women should consult Gynecologist?

Pregnancy is a significant moment in your life when you’ll need the help of a gynecologist the most. Women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant should seek medical advice. 

Throughout your pregnancy, a doctor will keep track of you and your baby’s health. The doctor will do regular screenings for diabetes, blood pressure, and miscarriage prevention. 

Other concerns that a doctor will watch for during pregnancy include irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid disorders, and anaemia.

What does a Gynaecologist do?

The gynaecologist will monitor the fetus progress and address any abnormalities that might lead to premature birth or an inadequate cervix.

Doctors monitor and care for women with high-risk pregnancies who may develop bleeding or infections, as well as those with gestational diabetes or kidney infections, throughout their pregnancy.

Problems of conceiving and menstruation issues, such as amenorrhea that lasts longer than three months, should be addressed by a physician. Other symptoms that require a visit to the gynaecologist include acute discomfort, excessive bleeding, and pelvic pain.

Women between the ages of 40 and 50 should have mammography recommendations to rule out breast cancer.

Women must be examined for a variety of diseases as well as get regular gynaecological advice on a variety of issues. Screening for STDs (sexually transmitted illnesses) is also included.

A gynaecologist can also help you choose the appropriate contraceptive for your needs. It’s also important to be examined for reproductive organ malignancies on a regular basis and learn about HPV vaccines.

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