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23 Days old infant making a comeback through successful surgery

23 days old infant prevails against life-threatening challenges

The Sanjivini Hospital and Research Centre in Lucknow, has emerged to be a center of comprehensive medical services amid the pandemic hour and it has proved its clinical expertise, yet again! Adding another success story to its credit, the Paediatric and Neonatology Department here has successfully treated a 23-day-old infant, diagnosed with an absent anal opening and a “distended abdomen”.

This dedicated department for newborns and children at Sanjivini has eased the availability of specialized assistance for this population segment in Lucknow, adding to the city’s medical reputation!

Another feather to the Sanjivini acclaim!

The 23-day-old baby was hurried into the emergency room of Sanjivini Hospital with complaints of acute pain, evident from the intense crying and groaning. She was then diagnosed with an absent anal opening and a “distended abdomen”. Her parents, having consulted many health care centres for urgent treatment in Basti, were deeply crestfallen as the situation worsened day by day.

Her rocky road to effective treatment ended when she was admitted at Sanjivini Hospital and Research Center, where Dr. Ashutosh Pandey, a prominent pediatric surgeon with related experience of more than 22 years, undertook the case.

“The child had a condition called imperforate anus, which restricted the flow of stool and resulted in abdomen distension. After all the investigations, we decided to operate on an emergency basis through a colostomy procedure under the effect of general anesthesia, which is high-risk surgery for such a small child”, said Dr. Ashutosh Pandey.

The procedure of Colostomy includes creating an opening for the colon through the abdomen, after which stool starts coming out smoothly. However uncomplicated it may sound, creating a normal opening in a newborn child is extremely difficult. But thanks to the exceptional team of Sanjivini Hospital for providing constant decent care ever since the infant was admitted.

While there is a high risk for this type of surgery performed on a newborn instead of an adult, the surgeon has done it brilliantly to save this infant’s life. Moreover, the risk of general anesthesia is there as it can have unusual effects on an infant’s body system, and not to forget the slight chances of complications during the surgery. But despite all these challenges down the road, the newborn has progressively improved on her condition and is leading an active life.

“The support we received for our child was really substantial in helping us get through it, especially since the doctor has given my child a new life. Thanks to the entire team for the undivided attention and care,” says Mr. Premchand.

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Sanjivini Hospital and Research Centre in Lucknow, has come in as a beacon of support for all citizens, including the little ones. The value of treating patients with empathy and innovative healthcare at an affordable price for every segment of society has led Sanjivini to provide the best to the masses in the healthcare sector. 

So, if you feel the need for medical care and assistance for your child, get in touch with our childcare specialist. 

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